iOS Push Notification RegistrationID


I currently encounter problems with push notifications on the iOS platform.

I included Fuse.PushNotifications, registered it globally.

This code works fine on Android, but won’t ever fire on iOS:

<FuseJS.Push ux:Global="Push" />

var push = require("Push");

push.onRegistrationSucceeded = function(ident) {
    console.log("Reg Succeeded: " + ident);

I tried it by putting it in my main UX file on top too, because maybe it’s registering the functions too late so they won’t be called, but this doesn’t work too.

Hi Moritz, sorry to hear your are having issues.

Have you set up APN for your app and are you confident the certificates are valid?

As we don’t have any control over Apple’s service we cant check your app from this side, however here we provide some info on how we use Pusher internally to test Push Notifications on iOS.

Alas this doesnt stop the setup process from being a real pain in the butt.

Please keep us posted on how this goes.

Hey Chris,

theres another Thread open about the same bug I think. I think it binds the functions too late. If I disable PushNotifications in the Settings, open the app, re-enable push notifications it works.

I think you may be right on the money. I have been chasing a phantom of a bug in pushnotifications on android and I believe it may be a symptom of the same thing.

Annoyingly android likes to throw some runtime warning that are acceptable to ignore on some devices, so I have been wasting time digging into that rather than looking at the JS side of things. C’est la vie, lets hope this is the right track. Thanks again for digging into this.