OAUTH in FuseTools

Hi Guys,

I am making a App with fusetools connected with Salesforce.com in backend.

I would like to know what should be the redirectURL in my connectedapp ?

Does Oauth works well with fuseTools? According to my knowledge , Oauth should open in separate web browser.

And i want to get the accesstoken after sucessfull login to make future Api calls.

Please clarify.

Thanks, Ravi Narayanan

Hi Ravi !

You should look at this Fuse tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwF9LsX0jEY And more generally to URI redirection for OAuth on mobile !

Good luck on that, keep us in touch of where you are in that, other people are interested in using OAuth with Fuse :slight_smile:

Sure. Will give a try with this approach. But i found one more idea , just using REST API for connecting with Salesforce by pasisng username/password.

I was able to get the access token using the above approach of passing username/password.

But Oauth in browser will be even more awesome.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Hi Ravi!

We published a new repo yesterday (https://github.com/fusetools/fuse-samples). It has a couple examples of authenticating with a web service.