How to get response from server in fuse webview

Hi guys , i’m trying to implement stripe connect authflow using fuse webview , everything is working great except that i’m struggling to understand how can i get the success response from the webview.

i chose to put all the necessary code to perform the auth in my nodejs server , this is what its looks like

app.get('/authorize', function(req, res) {
  // Redirect to Stripe /oauth/authorize endpoint
  res.redirect(process.env.AUTHORIZE_URI + '?' + qs.stringify({
    response_type: 'code',
    scope: 'read_write',
    client_id: process.env.CLIENT_ID

app.get('/oauth/callback', function(req, res) {

  var code = req.query.code;

  // Make /oauth/token endpoint POST request{
    url: process.env.TOKEN_URI,
    form: {
      grant_type: 'authorization_code',
      client_id: process.env.CLIENT_ID,
      code: code,
      client_secret: process.env.StripeKey
  }, function(err, r, body) {
    var stripe_user_id = JSON.parse(body).stripe_user_id;
    // Do something with your accessToken
    // For demo's sake, output in response:
    res.send({ 'Your_Token': stripe_user_id });

in fuse i’m just calling the url authorization to be redirected to stripe auth page

function connectToStripe(){
  WhileTrueSet.value = true;
		url.value = "https://URL/authorize";
  <Panel ux:Name="NotRegistratedInStripe">
    <WhileTrue Value="{WhileTrueSet}">
    <NativeViewHost ux:Name="nvh" Background="#ddd">
      <Panel ux:Name="loadingIndicator" Opacity="0" Alignment="Bottom" Color="#0006">
          <Text Alignment="Center" Margin="10" Color="#fff">Loading...</Text>
      <WebView ux:Name="webView" Url="{url}">
          <EvaluateJS Handler="{pageLoaded}">
            return { url : document.location.href };
            <Change loadingIndicator.Opacity="1" Duration="0.2" />
      <Change nvh.Opacity="0" Duration="0.3" />

My question is how can i get from the webview the response sended ? do i need to do the work done in my server directly in fuse? can anyone help me understand