NavigateTo not activating BackButton/GoBack

Can some explain why <NavigateTo Target="SomePage" /> does not activate the <BackButton> but rather leaving the page activates it on the new page instead. From I’ve gathered it sets the target as the first/top/root node in the navigation which to me means the name NavigateTo is false in it’s semantics and something like NavigateRoot would make more sense since this is what it seems to be what it is doing.

I am using this in the context of a <PageControl> and some other navigation.

From the File below I have a navigation bar at the top of the screens and using the page control it includes it for all pages, now I’ve a button on the right of the bar that opens a new chat -> goes to the chat page using navigate to and my expected outcome would be that the page being navigated to would be treated as a second/subpage and basically activating the back button. This is not the case, rather the back button stays disabled and swiping to either one of the other pages activates it for them even though they should (to me) be considered higher up on the chain nearer to the root.

I also tired it with <GoForward> only to get the exact same result, essentially onloading the home page the default should be Chat List (being nearest to or being the root in this case) with the navigate to going to the chat and activating back button to return to the Chat List and not is happening which is the flipped result.

<Page ux:Class="com.severedinfinity.repeatproject.Pages.HomePage">
    <Router ux:Dependency="router" />
    <JavaScript File="../assets/Javascript/home.js" />

    <DockPanel Navigation="pageController">
        <NavigationBar Height="60" Dock="Top" Color="#888">
            <Grid Columns="1*,3*,1*">
                <!-- <Button Text="Contacts" Clicked="{viewContacts}"/> -->
                            <GoBack />

                <Text Value="{Page Title}" Alignment="Center" Color="#800080"/>

                <!-- Clicked="{newChat}" -->
                <Button HitTestMode="LocalBoundsAndChildren">
                    <Text Font="FontAwesome" Value="&#xf044;" FontSize="24" Alignment="Center"/>
                        <NavigateTo Target="Chat" />


            <Button Text="To Chat">
                    <NavigateTo Target="Chat" />

        <PageControl ux:Name="pageController">
            <!-- <MessagesListPage router="router" ux:Name="MessagesList"/> -->
            <com.severedinfinity.repeatproject.Pages.ContactsList Name="Contacts"/>
            <com.severedinfinity.repeatproject.Pages.ChatList Name="ChatList"/>
            <com.severedinfinity.repeatproject.Pages.Chat Name="Chat"/>





Try <WhileCanGoBack NavigationContext="router" />