My current issues with Fuse

  • I miss a WhileFirst, WhileLast and WhileEmpty keywords inside Each loops;
  • Shorter version of Each: <Each Items="{items}" ItemClass="MyAwesomeClass" />;
  • Even shorter! <StackLayout Children="{items}" ChildrenClass="MyAwesomeClass"/>;
  • Should stop removing the build folder, or at least let the fastlane folder intact;
  • Rich text label;
  • Baseline alignment;
  • User defined font sizes (Dynamic Type on iOS);
  • Stop using NSAllowsArbitraryLoads on iOS;
  • Accessibility;
  • UI testing;
  • Maps integration;
  • I'm not 100% sure about that but it seems Fuse is not capable of keeping a large list of items inside a ScrollView/Each like the native UITableView/View holder pattern without allocating a lot of memory.
  • I'd like to see some support to memory warnings. I don't like to be killed everytime :) ;
  • While referring to project resources, / should point to project root, not to my root folder;
  • Image / FileImageSource should be smarter about local resources. Why do I need to tell the density of a png if it is already defined on the filename itself (eg.: icon@3x.png)? Also, why I should add the png extension? I know about the resource declaration, but it could be easier.
  • WhileWindowSize should apply to each component and also support different DPIs;
  • Also WhileWindowSize should have some basic definitions, like 1080p, iPhone 6, etc. I know it's not a good idea to hardcode devices, but who really remember the iPhone 6+ or iPad Pro resolution anyways?
  • The feeling that I'm struggling to do do something really simple, like returning to the root of a hierarchical navigation.

Thank you so much, this is very good feedback!

We won’t try to answer all of these right now, nor will I say that it’s all going to be fixed “soon”, but rest assured that we’re following up on it. We’ll probably also be in touch to get some more details from you on a couple of the items.

Thanks again, we’d love to receive more stuff like this! :slight_smile:

  • I’d like to set objects/nodes as properties and also object hierarchies. Example:
        <Text Value="ABC"/>
&lt;DockPanel ux:Class=&quot;MyPanel&quot;&gt;
    &lt;Panel Dock=&quot;Top&quot;&gt;…&lt;/Panel&gt;
        &lt;!-- I&#39;d like to see the text tag added here --&gt;
    &lt;Panel Dock=&quot;Bottom&quot;&gt;
        &lt;!-- Also, I&#39;d like to add content here if could I define a property called &#39;footer&#39; --&gt;

I think it can be made in Uno right now, but there’s no documentation =/