Module not found: ../Api/Worker


Fuse version = 1.10.0
Error: : Uncaught require(): module not found: …/Api/Worker
In: Fuse.Scripting.DiagnosticSubject

hi all, please i need help


In your .unoproj try


Docs Ref:


i added bundle but same error


Is this in desktop preview? Rebuild the project.


I tried all the solutions Without any result
-uno clean and Rebuild project
-change name project
-Check the name folders and file
var worker=require(’…/Api/Worker’),
var worker=require(’./Api/Worker’)
var worker=require(’@/Api/Worker’)


Can you share the worker file?


Oh, I think you need to change your require as well to:

var worker = require('Api/Worker');


hhhhh thanks its working you are a best


Woohoo! :tada: You owe me a good meal from your country now :smile:


ok your welcome :smile::smile::taco::doughnut: