Mobile Keyboard height

How can I get the Keyboard height in Android (or ios) ?

I tried to find something suitable from TextInput.Editor and Fuse.Input.Keyboard, but couldn’t find anything.

I know you know this value, since it’s even traced to logcat :wink:

We are changing the terminology a little from keyboard & statusbar size but will still be providing the information.

Note: The following is goingto focus on mobile

We are going to give the BottomFrame and the TopFrame Rects, the top bar is (usually) the status bar and the bottom bar is (usually) the keyboard if it is visible and the navigation bar if there is one and if it is on the bottom. The reason we provide one single bar that includes nav and keyboard is (simplifying a little) that android gives no reliable way across versions of be able to get the orientation of the navbar, this makes reacting to it’s changes outside of native UI glitchy.

In the current release we have Uno.Platform2.SystemUI which has TopFrame and BottomFrame properties and events so you can hook onto their resize events. However rather that hooking on to this directly I am currently adding BottomFrameBackground fuse element which reacts to the bottom bar in the same way that StatusBarBackground does for the topframe. This will make it easy to make your content react to the keyboard and any other crazy crap android decides to do with the ui.

We will also be looking into the cleanest way to expose the various modes the sytem ui can be put in. Things like hiding systemui when playing movies etc need to be exposed in a way that makes sense across all devices.