Mask on DotNetExe also seems to have alignment issues

Here are some issues I find with masking on DotNetExe also:

Let me know if I’m doing something wrong in my code, but all masks and items should be layed out centered, still the mask is applied rather oddly (bottom right picture), and layout seems to be off also (bottom left picture).

This is the code:

<Panel ux:Class="Beacon" xmlns:r="Flare.Resources" ux:AutoCtor="false">
    <Image ux:Name="ProfilePicture" Alignment="Center" Width="80" Height="80" />
    <Circle Alignment="Center" Width="84" Height="84" ux:Name="Frame">
        <SolidColor ux:Name="FrameColor" />

And this is the code behind for initializing the mask:

var mask = new Fuse.Effects.Mask();
mask.Texture = import Texture2D("../../Assets/RoundMask.png");

You can find the original mask image here:

Here is a picture that more clearly shows the unevenness of the mask:


Thanks for another test case.

By the way, you shouldn’t need a code behind for initializing the mask.

        <texture2D ux:Binding="Texture" ux:Path="../../Assets/RoundMask.png">

Unable to test it from here, but should work in theory.