Mac OS as VMWare guest operating system

After lot of temptatives I managed to run and build iOS Fuse apps using a MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 installed as a VMware guest operating system and a Windows 64 Pro host operating system. You won’t be able to preview your app in Fuse Studio as Fuse uses OpenGL and up to now there is no VM software that supports OpenGL (you will see a white screen). On the other hand preview will work properly on XCode simulator and on your iPhone connected via USB to your virtual machine. (Remember to connect the phone AFTER the VM has been powered on.)

My configuration:
PC MSI Cubi i3 7100 2.4Ghz 8Gb RAM (Intel Graphics 620)
VMware Workstation 14.1.2 Pro

Virtual machine settings:
Memory: 4Gb
Processors: 2
HD: 150Gb
Network adapter: bridged (IMPORTANT! Needed to preview app on iPhone)

  1. Download any VMWare already-made image of High Sierra 10.13+
  2. Download ‘Unlocker208’ to enable VMWare to install MacOS
  3. Before installing anything enable in BIOS the Intel VT-x
    or check if already enabled: open Task Manager -> Performance Tab -> click CPU -> look for ‘virtualization’
  4. Install VMWare
  5. Copy Unlocker208 in the same folder of the virtual machine. Run win-install.cmd as administrator
  6. Open the VM file you downloaded
  7. Configure the VM (memory, processors, HD, network adapter and in the Options tab -> Guest isolation enable drag&drop and copy/paste
  8. Power on the VM. MacOS should start.
  9. Install VM Tools from the VM tab (installation is run in the guest OS so look there for a newly opened window)
  10. Download and install XCode. Remember to sign-in with your Apple account
  11. Download and install Fusetools.
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