Change with Padding or Margin


I am trying to change Padding or Margin of a Panel with animation. While testing, I noticed that if I use Change it is not working but with Set it is working. Is it a way to change padding or margin with animation ?

Here is my code:

<Panel ux:Class="Picture" Background="#0f0" Margin="1">
    <Panel ux:Name="imgContainer">
        <Image ux:Name="picturimg" File="R0001954.jpg"></Image>
        <!-- WORKING -->
        <Set imgContainer.Margin="10" />
        <!-- NOT WORKING -->
        <Change imgContainer.Margin="10" />


Hi, You have to use WhileTrue to do this.

<ClientPanel Background="Gray">
            <Panel ux:Name="imgContainer">
                    <Image ux:Name="picturimg" File="Your Image Here"/>
                    <Set ImageChange.Value="true" />
            <WhileTrue ux:Name="ImageChange">
                <Change imgContainer.Margin="50" Easing="ExponentialIn" Duration="0.5"/>

Thanks ! Working great !