List of Accounts


Is there an api that fuse exposes that returns a list of social accounts that a user has signd in using his device…? Or is there an implementation of the google sign in prompt and/or facebook signing prompt as seen in various social login apps.

Something like this:

Thank you for your support.


Hey @Cliff, short answer is nope. You would have to create the prompt/UX yourself and do the integrations yourself too. There is an updated native facebook module though, checkout this forum post: Facebook Login Example


Thanks aeq. But can u tell me how will I be able get the list of accounts that the user has already signed in his device .Is there a way to get that without using foreign code ?


Yeah of course, you could just save a variable to storage and check it before you display your list:

Storage ~
FileSystem ~


Thanks aeq: :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::relaxed::relaxed: