Keeping the Keyboard open (and keyboard control)

For example, when programming chat, it would be nice if I could write code that kept the keyboard open when a user clicks elsewhere on the send button. As best as I can figure, this is only possible by resetting the focus on a click on another element, but this causes the keyboard to move unnecessarily.

If the focus is always on a Text element the keyboard should remain open, even if you switch to another element when the action button is pressed. If this is not working for you then please provide an example so we can fix it.

If you are trying to keep the keyboard open while no text control has focus, then no, there is no way to do that at the moment. It’s a bit tricky to do also, since the keyboard input goes to a particular control.

Or are you just looking for a way that the focus is not lost when the user interacts within a certain area? For example, within a chat stream the user can scroll up/down without closing the keyboard. IF yes, then how would the user dismiss the keyboard?

It’s possible to do this if we use the keyboards send button. We have a wish to keep the keyboard open when the user pushes another UI button. (Might be another issue than OP’s)

Yeah, I’d like to keep the keyboard open when a user interacts with a certain area, or clicks certain buttons. In some applications closing the keyboard only happens when another area is tapped or the screen left.

Ideally, there should just be more apparently ways to control the keyboard (and perhaps ways to cycle through keyboards).

Has anybody found a solution to the problem mentioned above? I want to accomplish something similar as to when you are typing a message in Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger…

Yes, there is a solution, using Focus.Delegate. More details and an example are available on this forum thread.

Thanks Uldis, this is what I’ve been looking for.