JavaScript Engine Versions

Is there a way to get the underlying JavaScript Engine’s version programmatically or even in the Docs or Release Notes / Changelog?

Since you’re using existing JavaScript Engines which of course support several ever-growing APIs, it would be helpful to let developers know which versions are embedded in each release of Fuse. For example, I want to use Fuse to download a large file in my app using the Fetch API which you’ve implemented not so long ago, I can’t fetch into memory because the file is LARGE, therefore I’ll have to stream it, the recent Fetch API has a ReadableStream API of which I can use the getReader() method to stream the fetch’s response thus successfully downloading large files without hogging memory.

The ReadableStream API was added to V8 Engine version 5.2.361. Could you please help with the V8 version the latest version of Fuse uses?


Good question.

Right now we’re on V8 5.5, which is the version that came with Chrome 55. The version of V8 that we bundle is currently only documented in the changelog.

Hope that helps!

It’s also important to keep in mind that V8 is not used on iOS. Due to Apple’s restrictions we instead use JavaScriptCore as bundled on the platform.