JavaC 1.5 obsoleto

source value 1.5 is obsolete and will be removed in a future release.

help me?

Hi, this is just a warning from Android, and nothing to worry about. We have already fixed this internally, and the fix will be available in a release shortly.

Ok, Thanks very much.

Doubt: How to emulate the application on android? I’m just emulating the browser. The image below shows the warning android.

Hi, is your Android device connected to the computer with a USB cable, and do you have developer mode enabled on it? Does it show up in adb devices?

I’m trying to emulate locally. On my Windows PC.I think the error is in the SDK.

Hi, the Android emulator does not work very well with Fuse. We suggest you just run a normal fuse preview, which is much faster anyway.

Also remember that we have real time preview on device as well, so you can run the preview on a real Android device and still see you updates in real time.