Is there any way to disable Fuse Preview Menu?

Is there any way to disable the “Fuse Preview Menu”(for debugging)?

(I tried to check existing posts, but I couldn’t find related ones.)

This is shown when I debug my fuse app with my phone and do long-tap(drag) on it.

Every time I test a page using long-tap/drag, I get the pane:“Fuse Preview Menu” so many times…

The feature itself is useful, I know.
But, if It could be turned off, my development experience with Fuse would be much better! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

No, currently there is no way to turn the feature on and off. To work around this, you can do your on-device testing using an Android device (which doesn’t have the preview menu at all), or run an iOS release build (but then you don’t get live reload).

Thank you for your quick reply, Uldis.
I understood that. I’m gonna test the page on an android device for now.

But, honestly, facing the endless-preview-menu is the most disgusting moment when I develop with Fuse.
All other experiences with it are totally great, and I like it.

So, I will leave some feature suggestion in the forum.

Thank you, again.