Is it possible to make a create account and login for your app at this stage

I want to create a Login page and a create account page that also send the user a confirmation email or something like that is it possible to do so in this stage of the beta release. If so can anyone help me by telling me the coding i need or just giving me pointers on how t do so i would really appreciate it guys :slight_smile: THANKS!!

Yes, this is possible, but you need a server of some sort.

For example, you can have a look at - very easy to get started with, and has a HTTP interface. I know other users are already using this.

A few weeks out we are adding a JavaScript layer to Fuse as well, where the Parse JavaScript library can be used directly.

How do i turn the code in parse to uno or ux code. Can anyone send me a coded example to help me PLEASE :wink:

ryanmods, yes it is posible its a simple http request, look at this code, it’s the one im using.

you have to put using Uno.Data.Json; and using Uno.Net.Http;

dont know why my code doesn’t get the code tag…

void ReqMyMoviesAccount(){ try{ HttpMessageHandler MyHTTPReq = new HttpMessageHandler(); var createRequ = MyHTTPReq.CreateRequest(“GET”,“{var1:val1}”);
createRequ.SetHeader(“Content-type”, “application/json”); createRequ.SetHeader(“X-Parse-Application-Id”,""); createRequ.SetHeader(“X-Parse-REST-API-Key”,""); createRequ.Done += ResMyMoviesAccount; createRequ.Error += Error; createRequ.GetResponseContentString(); createRequ.SetResponseType(HttpResponseType.String); createRequ.SendAsync(); }catch(Exception e){ debug_log e; } } void ResMyMoviesAccount(HttpMessageHandlerRequest request){
try{ var respJson = request.GetResponseContentString(); var jsonSerialized = JsonReader.Parse(respJson); var MyMovieList = new List(); if(jsonSerialized[“results”].Count != 0){ for(int i = 0; i < jsonSerialized[“results”].Count;i++){ TotaldePeliculasP = jsonSerialized[“count”].AsInteger(); var results = jsonSerialized[“results”][i]; } }else{ } }catch(Exception e){ debug_log e; } }

Whats this

oh alright thanks and how do i put it in the uno files and do i have to put a ux class so that it links to it

thats a function, you have to create a button, that button should call another function or that same function (you have to add “(object sender, object args)” in the parameters of the function for it to work with a )

i have this code on the, but you can put it in any .uno file as long you link it to the you need that function and add the using Uno.Net and Uno.Data.Json in it.

Dont know why the code didn’t get the code wrap in the forums, sorry for that

Here’s my shot at a minimalistic Parse library. Let me know what you think:

how do we implement parse in ux markup and not uno because i stink at uno coding.

You don’t. You implement calls to Parse with JavaScript. There will be examples of this ready very soon.