Is is possible to use jQuery?


So I have this app I created for android, using a html parser library (jsoup) to GET and POST data to an existing website. I want to make this with fuse, but I’m struggling to get started. I’m a novice, so I’m sorry if this is comes through as stupid questions.

I am able to get the source code of the website with fetch, and now I want to parse through it with f.example jQuery. Will jQuery work with fuse, and if so, could anyone please post me an example of how to use it?

If not, are there any other options? There’s no JSON data on this website, so I have to parse and read html elements.


No, you cannot use jQuery with Fuse. Fuse is not based on HTML.

To GET and POST HTTP messages, you can use the fetch API or XMLHttpRequest, which are both documented here:

As for parsing the data, we don’t currently have a solution for parsing HTML in Fuse. Your best bet is probably to find one written in pure JS and import that. A quick google yielded htmlparser, and though it’s node-based it might still work with Fuse, though I haven’t tried it yet.

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