Interactive notifications


I wonder if it is possible to use interactive notifications as introduced in iOS 8 and android 4.1.

Described here as action buttons here for iOS.

Or here as Notification Actions for android.

Yes, local notifications is supported – see the documentation here:

Thanks Bent, I got local notifications running in my app and it works as intended. Thats fine.

But I want to apply certain actions to this notification. With multiple buttons and so on. I provided two links above. Check them out, the action buttons and Notification Actions is what I am looking for in fuse. Not the local notification on itself.


Hi, :slight_smile:

I have the same question.

The addition of actions for notifications is done client/app-side as far as I see. So the buttons (actions) are added/defined based on checking the “type”/category of notification received via a notification (by the App). There is no way to add this to the notification payload (JSON) according to the doc for iOS and Android.


Hi all, no we don’t currently support this. I’m adding it to the wishlist though as it would be very cool