I want to run app on android tv

I built the Fuse example project.

I installed it on Android TV.

When I run it, the screen is not displayed.

So I can not run the app.

Do you know what the problem is?

I want to run regardless of D-Pad.

I tested it on ASUS Nexus Player and Xiaomi MiTV.

It’s all the same problem.

Fuse apps are generally meant to be run on mobile devices. We don’t have any current plans to extend support to TVs, specifically.

Unofficially: I myself have once successfully made (a very simple) app that was running on an Android TV just fine. It was nothing but a WebView that was showing some stats from a webpage.

So in your case, you’ll need to figure out what causes "the screen is not displayed" on the devices you’re testing with. It is not something that we can help you with.