Android TV support?


Anyone know if Fuse has support for TV navigation (using directional keys and buttons) instead of only touch? If not, it would be nice addition on next releases.



Haha, i realize now that i used the opening question mark as we use in Spanish :slight_smile:

Having read through the article you linked, and then proceeding to read about Handling Controller Actions, it would be a fair assumption that Fuse currently does not support that.

If you take a look at this code in fuselibs, you’ll see that there is a Keyboard class that lives somewhere in Uno, but it’s very unlikely that it would fire on a D-pad button press (or any other button on a remote). Though if you have access to an Android TV, you are very welcome to test if that is true!

Fuse is primarily aimed at mobile targets. Currently, Android TV support is not being actively looked into, but that could eventually change. No promises on if it ever will.

From my personal experience: I once made a super basic app for an Android TV, but it did not involve capturing any input events. It was essentially just a WebView that was showing a remote webpage with some stats and graphs on it. So - yes, you CAN run Fuse apps on Android TV, but we don’t support that and can’t help you if something doesn’t work.

To add to the above: I think that it should be possible to write some custom Uno code (along with Java, of course) for capturing key presses from a custom input device. However, you’re on your own there :slight_smile:

Thanks Uldis! While Android TV is not a requirement now, i see it on the future when i finish the Brightcove integration. I’ll investigate further when i get some time.