I want to reflesh UI without Observable

I want to reflesh UI without Observable.

I’m looking for code to refresh all the UI on the screen.

It is my situation.

  1. Observable is not used.

  2. Normally the UI should not be refreshed even if the value of the variable changes.

  3. But I want to refresh all the UIs on the screen when I want to.

How can I do this?

no problem even if the cost is large.


var testvalue = "hello";
function ChangeValue() {
 testvalue = "world";
function RefleshUI() {
 ScreenUI.Reflesh();    <- This is a temporary code that does not exist.
<Panel Clicked="{ChangeValue}" />
<Panel Clicked="{RefleshUI}" />

I want this.

Press the first panel to change the value but does not change the UI.

Press the second panel to refresh the UI to see the changed values.

Dear Dev,

I have reached similar problem recently. Would suggest to work with Navigator.Reuse Property
Please refer to the related discussion as well:

Of course it is hard to comment not seeing the code.