How to use pre-exist Android sdk?

If someone want to use pre-exist SDK, is it possible? because i need to avoid duplicate an existing installation of the SDK installed .

I did some experiment.

Download 0.8.2 Version.(This is for windows)

open below path file “C:\Users\JunHyuk\AppData\Local\Fusetools\Fuse\sdkConfig.json”

Modified below AndroidSDK PATH, i’m trying to apply i installed NDK “r10e” version. but it makes problem. so, i was download r10d NDK version via console commend “fuse install android”

you can manually install AND(

if you want to check some problem ““fuse install -s android””

can you offer thoes function?

because android developer want to independently manage SDK. and is there reason don’t support r10e NDK?

thank you for listening :slight_smile:


{ “AndroidSDK”: { “Path”: “D:/WS/Android/SDK”, “API”: “19” // “Path”: “%programdata%/Uno/SDKs/AndroidSDK”, //“API”: “19” },

    "Path": "D:/WS/Android/android-ndk-r10d",
//"Path": "%programdata%/Uno/SDKs/AndroidNDK"

    "Path": "%programfiles%/Java",
    "PathPattern": "jdk*"
   "Path": "D:/WS/Android/apache-ant-1.9.6",
//        "Path": "%programdata%/Uno/SDKs/Ant"

} <<end


plz support automatic update :slight_smile:

Hey Michael,

Thank you for sharing your experience. There will be an easier way to set custom android tools path, in the near future. We have an interactively android installer under development, where optionally existing paths to existing tools can be set.

However, I have raised a ticket about NDK10e not working, thank you for reporting that.

We also have a plan for automatic update :slight_smile:

Hi Emil Sandstø, thank for replying!

I Found problem. NDK10e version isn’t including “arm-linux-androideabi-4.6” toolchain. (I just copy by ndk10d, it will work)

that’s why fail to compile.

another reasons when was fail to first time manual installation

it is need to modifying one more file

below C:\ProgramData\Uno\SDKs.sdkconfig File!

you should fix exact PATH!

Hey, thanks for reporting the problems you found with NDK10e, it makes our job easier :slight_smile:

You should always run fuse install android even if you have specified custom paths in the sdkConfig.json. The reason for that is because of required subcomponent dependencies that may not be part of your current setup, for example that we want to install Android SDK Platform 19 for Android SDK etc. Although the installer will skip things that are already installed.

And about the other config file. It is made by the downloader when calling fuse install android and is not meant to be custom edited. It is kind of the contract between our installer and compiler.

Anyways, thanks for your feedback! We are trying our best to make Android export as simple to setup as possible, and all feedback are welcome :slight_smile: