How to turn off event bubbling

When I touch the panel, I want to generate only the child events, not the events that exist in the parent panel. Is there a way to turn off JavaScript event bubbling in fuse?

<DockPanel Padding="5,0" Clicked="{a}">
            <Circle Dock="Left" Width="32" Height="32" Clicked="{b}">
              <ImageFill Url="{image}" WrapMode="ClampToEdge"/>
              <Stroke Width="0.1" Color="Purple"/>
            <BasicText Dock="Left" Value="{username}" Alignment="CenterLeft" FontSize="10" Margin="0,5,0,0" />

No, Clicked triggers are stacked and all that apply to a particular gesture are executed.

You could put the callback {a} that you have on the parent, on a child instead:

		module.exports = {
			a: function() {
				console.log("a clicked");
			b: function() {
				console.log("b clicked");
	<DockPanel Height="56">
		<Panel Dock="Left" Width="56" Color="#18f" Clicked="{b}" />
		<Panel Color="#f81" Clicked="{a}" />