Handle Events in Controls under NativeViewHost

Here’s my code, for some reason boo is not being called.

I suspect the mapview is taking over the tapped event because when you tap the text, the map zooms in.

Anyway i can prevent this bubbling of events like in the HTML DOM spec?

<Page ux:Class="MapPage">	
	<ux:Include File="../shared/fonts.ux"/>
		var boo = function(){
			console.log("Text clicked on map view!");
		module.exports = {
				<Panel Dock="Top" Height="60" Color="#ffffff" Margin="0,40,0,0" Padding="20,20,20,20" Width="90%">					
					<Text Font="Light" Clicked="{boo}">Request package delivery</Text>
		    <MapView  Latitude="59.911567" Longitude="10.741030" Zoom="10" ShowMyLocation="True">
		        <MapMarker Latitude="59.911567" Longitude="10.741030" Label="Fuse HQ"/>

This is a known issue that we have an internal ticket on. You can expect it to be fixed in a future release.