How to send multiple values with one Selectable?


I have a chat-type system in my app which contains two types of chat threads: single user chats and group chats.
When opening a single user chat all I had to do was send an “otherUserId” to get the thread from the DB. But now as I’m implementing support for group chats I have to send two variables with the Selectable which is “otherUserId” and “groupChatId” which as different approaches to get threads from DB. groupChatId is by default “0” if the selected is only with a single user, so the ChatPage would catch these two variables by module.params and do the math.

So far I’ve tried to simply send one param as a string with comma as separation but it does not like this (returns null).

<Selectable Value="{other_id},{group_chat_id}" />

Then I’ve tried doing a double Selectable:

<Selection MinCount="0" MaxCount="2" Values="{SelectedChat}" />
<Selectable Value="{other_id}" />
<Selectable Value="{group_chat_id}" />

But then it only returns the first Selectable Value.
How do I do this?

Thanks in advance.


I’m a bit confused as to why you’re using Selectable here to begin with.
Could you explain a bit more the structure around your app?
This sounds like something you’d use Navigator and Router for, but i would need to know more.