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How to send content (UX Markup or HTML/CSS) to Print?

Is it possible to send UX Markup to print? If so, how would one go about doing this?

I looked in the documentation and I couldn’t see how this would be done. I did think of creating content in a WebView that could then be sent to print. I tried changing values (e.g. innerText or innerHTML) in the HTML markup using EvaluateJS but it didn’t work. Ideally, I would change the values of images saved as SVGs before printing.

I’m looking to either send the contents of a Panel or a WebView to print with specific dimensions. I would prefer the Panel since I can more easily access and change its contents. The WebView also seems a bit quirky - it doesn’t load initially at the correct size, and I don’t like the native zoom buttons in Android.

I know with CSS it’s possible to specify physical units of measurement, such as inches. Would this be possible with UX Markup in a Panel? This is required for my project.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or know if it is even possible?

Hey @Angela_Burton, an idea that just occurred to me is to use a capture panel to save an image from UX, then share it in order to print.