How to send anounymous push in Firebase

i create firebase account and project , set SenderID and etcs do which in tutorial
and add sample javascript

i can get regID
and when i send messsage with above regID which is printed in fuse log console(by firebase console)
i can get push received message
but i can’t get message with just app send message
when i send with apps then no reaction

i need to send push all of users
not just single person with regID

how can i solve it?

i want send push all of users which use my app.

is i need to save all of regID with some servers when app started, and send push one by one?

Yes, to deliver a push notification to all users of your app, you need to save all of the registration IDs to a backend. Then, eventually, you can make your backend send whatever notifications you want, to any of the regIDs you will have recorded.