How to navigate outside a MultipleLayout

Hi guys first of all , i’d like to thank all the fuse team for this amazing tool. So i’am learning fuse by reproducing some example , and i get stuck with one thing, how can i navigate outside a MultipleLayout tabs i want a parent > child navigation! i read about hierarchical nav in the docs but when i try it out , it say that a node is already using nav with some child fighting image. i also tried direct navigation , not working too

can anyone help me with this?

HierarchicalNavigation should definitely work. Can you provide more information on what goes wrong when you try it? What does the code look like and which exact errors do you get?

Hi remi thank you for you answer

this my gist about this.

when i set i have a blank page without any error, or sometimes i have that a node is already be used to navigate. line 39

in the button nav (line 94) i have nothing when i click on it and the page is at the bottom line 184.

what i try to build ==>

want to be able to click on the write button and navigate to a page. switch the tab view and be able to navigate inside a message when i click to a message list

Hi again. It would be great if you could reduce the amount of code to something that only reproduces the problem, without all the extras. :slight_smile: It’s also a lot easier to go through it if you provide something that can be built without making any changes, so please either remove the image assets or make sure they’re included in the project. (You can upload complete projects here

I’m sure we can fix the issue though, it would just be a lot easier without having to deal with a lot of unrelated code. :slight_smile:

Thank you for you answer, i taked the tabs-multi-layout example to build the main view, so it will be much easy and quick to us , to just tell me with this example (my main view without any extra code , its just the tabs-multi-layout example, i just changed one tab in the nav bar into a clickable button ) how can i navigate outside the tabs in a seprate pages , if you prefer the dropbox way , i will send you , but my internet connexion is quite low so it will take a bit time , very sorry about that. thank you for taking time to assist me

Aha, that makes sense. :slight_smile:

There has been discussions about similar use cases for nested navigation before. You can check if this or this does some of what you need?

i will study more these answers and see if its adapted to my case if not how to adapt to my case, but for now i have the same error testing a bit this answers: node already has a different parent.

You should not be getting that error with the examples I linked to. (I just tested both of them with v0.12 of Fuse and they work as they should).

If you can provide some code that reproduces this issue then we can help you out. :slight_smile: i updated my gist with minimal code , the navigation inside the page seems to work but doesnt hide the nav bar,about the write button inside the tabs , i didnt get it worked.

I think you probably have more navigators in the app than what you need. Right now you have 1x EdgeNavigator, 2x HierarchicalNavigaton and 1x PageControl. I suspect this is the reason for some of the confusion.

However, I still don’t quite understand what you are trying to build here and which part doesn’t work.

Both the two previous threads I linked to were about having nesting multiple navigations. It would be great if you could look at those again and explain how they differ from what you want.

hi, i made some mistakes in the code. EdgeNavigator its for the the side menu, and Page control is used for tabs. in the first tab/page1 , i have some items (card using navigation animation) and i need to navigate inside them when i click to one. same thing in the second tab/page2, and at the place of the third tabs its only a icon button, when you click it navigate to publish a page. in the side menu i also need to navigate when i click to some items(icons), maybe i was doin it in the wrong way or maybe it was not necessary to add HierarchicalNav to this because i was already using a type of navigation like EdgeNavigation , will take again the project and continue to learn about how can i do this

The use case sounds quite similar to the example here

Basically, what you need is:

  • 1 navigator to let you move between the different tabs.
  • And then another navigator per tab for those tabs where you want to move further down in the hierarchy.

Another important thing:

When you add a Navigation (like HierarchicalNavigation) inside a Panel then all children of that panel becomes part of the navigation. In your gist that means that everything inside the stackpanel on line 18 are now pages in the navigation. You don’t want that :slight_smile: (For instance: StatusBarBackground and iOS.StatusBarConfig should not be separate navigation pages).

Just tested it, it works many thanks for the support

Great that you got it working! :slight_smile: