Navigation within PageControl

I am pretty new to Fuse and don’t know, how to tackle this problem in the best way.
I want to create a tab bar in my app, and within the different tabs, I want to use a Navigator to go through some Pages.
What I tried so far is putting the Navigator in a “Navigator Page” and then use that within the PageControl of my Tab Bar. This doesn’t seem to be the right approach though, because now my Router doesn’t work as expected.

Check out the example here

Thanks for the answer. I actually already used this example to get where I am right now. The problem I face is, that in the example only single pages are used, and I want to use Pages with a Navigator and I struggle to get that implemented.
What I tried to do is add a Navigator inside of the “MyPage” class, but then the page indicator cant use the current Page, because it is in a different navigation.

You can achieve this using Multilevel route, basically, you pass an instance of the Navigator in each Tab(one navigator for each tab with many pages) and navigate around using pushRelative(navigator, route) or gotoRelative