how to implement "radio" button type UI

I want to be able to implement something like in the picture. file

here is my code for this:

The selected “button” will have a differnt visual effect to indicate selection and I want the state of all other buttons to reset when one is selected. How would I do something like this?

You can start with this example:

I am not sure how this will help me. Maybe I should try to make it clear what I am trying to do.

I need to implement series of buttons. When a button is clicked it indicates selected state by say setting backgound and textcolor different than the rest. Also when one button is selected others are de-selected. sort of like how "input type=“radio” work in HTML

We don’t have a built-in radiobutton component in the current version, but you could use <StateGroup> and <State> to define the states, and then make some buttons that changes to their corresponding state.

Have a look here: