EdgeNavigator. Close sidebar with BackButton but not navigate back history pages

The EdgeNavigator example renders a panel that slides from the left when a ‘hamburger button’ is pressed. The panel may be closed by pressing again the ‘hamburger button’ or by swiping it. I’m trying to add to this panel the chance to close it by pressing the BackButton too (or any other GoBack handler). I know I can do simply the following:

     <NavigateToggle Target="sidebar" />

But, as I’m using router and Navigator as navigation container, this approach makes the pages navigate back too:

<Navigator DefaultPath="splash">
    <SplashPage ux:Template="splash" router="router" />
    <HomePage ux:Template="home" router="router" />
    <SecondPage ux:Template="second" router="router" />

I mean, let’s say that I’m on “SecondPage”, I open the panel by clicking the ‘hambuger button’, then I want to close it using OnBackButton, the panel closes correctly but the page jumps at the same time back to HomePage. I would like that the sliding panel acts as being part of the navigation container: if the panel is open, by pressing the back button once the panel is closed, by pressing the back button a second time the page routes from SecondPage to Homepage following the history order.