How to determine the Android main Activity class name

As the title says, how can I determine (or set) the Android main Activity class name.

The reason for this is that my app has a long-running service from which I want to be able to re-invoke the main app after it has closed.


Looking at what the internet says, and the AndroidManifest.xml that Fuse generates, I would conclude that the main activity class name equals to the "Name" property that you set in your .unoproj file, something like this:

  "Title": "My Awesome App",
  "Name": "AwesomeApp",
  "Version": "1.0",
  "Packages": [
  "Includes": [

If you need to access .unoproj entries from code, there’s this library. If that doesn’t cut it, you’ll find plenty of Java examples online that get the main activity name during run-time.