How Page and Page in pageControl are activated together


I am using on Page in navigator. However, the Page in the PageControl does not activatee together.

For example, when I go back to previous page via goBack, I want to activate the page the pageControl points to.

Is there no way?


    <Page ux:Class="Login">
    <Router ux:Dependency="router"/>
    <JavaScript File="Login.js"/>

    <Activated Handler="{logincon}"/>

    <DockPanel Color="#B0EEFF">
        <Text Value="go!" Alignment="BottomCenter" Clicked="{pushMain}"/>
        <PageControl ux:Name="pages">
            <One ux:Name="one" router="router"/>
            <Two ux:Name="two" router="router"/>


<Page ux:Class="One">
    <Router ux:Dependency="router"/>
    <JavaScript File="One.js"/>
    <Activated Handler="{onecon}"/>
    <DockPanel Color="#B0FFDB">
        <Text Value="One!" Alignment="Center"/>

When I return to Login.ux, I want to make login.ux logincon and one.ux onecon work together.

Hi operate2v,

the current <Activated /> implementation does not allow you to do that, unfortunately. You could achieve what you need by using a WhileVisible trigger on some parts of your page(s), or by using a global stand-alone JS module that tracks the current open page.

Hope this helps!