How do <draggable> and <clicked> work together?

This code is not work.


	<Rectangle ux:Name="colorChangeRec" Width="200" Height="100" Color="Red" Alignment="Center"/>

	<WhileTrue ux:Name="changeColor">
		<Change colorChangeRec.Color="Blue" Duration=".5" />


<Rectangle ux:Name="dragglableButton" Width="200" Height="40" Color="#18f" Alignment="Center">
	<Text Alignment="Center">Draggable Button</Text>
	<Draggable />
		<Toggle Target="changeColor" />

dragglableButton is only draggable and not clicked.

I think <Draggable /> and <Clicked /> are probably stealing input events from each other preventing the other to trigger

Thanks for your reply.

I solved this problem with the help of others. If you know Koean, you can refer to the Website below.