How can i get my web api

Hi guy.

I’m use web api

I want calling my method with parameter and get some return value.

how can i…

Hi there honeyhead, I’ve responded to you directly on slack, but I’d like to repeat what I said there in case anyone else has a similar question :slight_smile:

So, the best way to do it with our current stack is to expose a REST API for your server-side app, and then use the fetch API from JS to communicate with it.

For an example of this, see our Parsing JSON fetched over HTTP example; it’s pretty small and easy to follow. We’ll also be releasing a new tutorial video within the next couple days showing exactly this, so stay tuned for that :slight_smile:

The reason it’s best to do it with JS is that while we do use a dialect of C# (Uno) at the bottom of our stack to write cross-platform native code, we don’t support the .net runtime, so we can’t run client apps as-is. Also, if you were using Uno, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of our real-time live reload workflow when changing Uno code.