How can i get a value in .unoproj

Hello there.

I want to show a application version and title in javascript from .unoproj.

Please give me you hand. thank you.

in project.unoproj

        "Title": "차검사 BCS",
        "Description": "차검사 엔지니어용 진단 어플리케이션",
        "Copyright": "Copyright © 2017 $(Publisher)",
        "Developer": "",
        "Version": "0.5",
        "VersionCode": 27,

The fuse-unoproject community library does this. Adding support for reading more/different fields from the .unoproj is relatively straightforward, too.

Thank you Uldis.

But i said, i want to use a value in .js with .ux simply, not in .uno.

I can not find anywhere in docs.

The example on the repository that I linked shows how you can get a given value in JS, and then showing it in UX is very simple. Something along these lines:

		var unoproj = require('Bolav/UnoProject');
		var version = unoproj.version;
		module.exports = {
			version: version
	<Text Value="{version}" />

wow, it’s real time.

thank you.