Display the app version

Hi there,
Is there a way to retrieve the app version (and any other info) stored in the .unoproj file and display it in a text tag?


Hi Bertrand,

yes, currently with the help of this community component: https://github.com/bolav/fuse-unoproject

In the upcoming 0.37 release (currently in QA testing), you will also get a built-in functionality for reading the version.

Hi Uldis,

I’ve installed 0.37 release and found out about FuseJS/Environment which gives me the OS name and version. But I can’t find how to retrieve the version of the app itself, stored in the .unoproj file under Version and VersionCode properties.

Your help will be much appreciated. As always.

Hi Bertrand,

I think I made a mistake assuming the new Fuse.Version Uno class would do what you need, so you should still use this community package for that: https://github.com/bolav/fuse-unoproject