Help in developing custom component

I want to develop some custom component just like Apache Flex does. Hope someone can guide me through.

A simple test as follows, but it seems that the label is not applied…


    <CustomButton label="Some Label" />





using Fuse.Controls;

public class CustomButtonClass : Panel
    public string label {get; set;}


Try this:

<Panel ux:Class="CustomButtonClass">

  <Text ux:Name="label" TextColor="#999999"  />


And in Uno:

using Fuse.Controls;

public partial class CustomButtonClass 
    public string Label 
      get { return label.Value; }
      set { label.Value = value; }

Then you can do:

  <CustomButton Label="Some Label" />

See the pattern? :slight_smile: Good luck!

Edit: had some errors in my previous post. Should be fixed now :slight_smile:

This is the solution for references