fuse custom property on custom class not working on recompile

I’m creating a class:

<Grid ux:Class=“LabelBar” ColumnData="1*,1*" Dock="Top" Height="50" Background="#5276CA" ux:Name="self" >
 <string ux:Property="Text" ux:Value="" />
 <Text Margin="10,0,0,0" Alignment="CenterLeft" TextColor="#fff" FontSize="20" Value="{Property self.Text}"/>
 <Logo Margin="0,0,10,0" />

and using it as such:

<LabelBar Text="Chat” />

If my project is already in preview, adding the line "<LabelBar Text="Chat” />” works great and I get no compile errors.

However, If I then shut off preview and restart it, I get a compile error:

‘LabelBar’ does not have a property called ‘Text’

I know it’s correct - I’ve seen it recompile once I have this line, but I can’t keep it working. Removing the line, shutting it off, and restarting it gets everything working correctly.

This is being fixed:




Thanks for reporting. This has already been fixed but not rolled out yet. Stay tuned!