GooglePlay Upload SDK Fail - Too Large?

I have signed my Fuse app properly, and everything is working on my mobile device as well as Fuse previews, but whenever I upload it to Google Plays App release I run into this problem:

You need to reduce your APK file size to 100MB or use APK Expansion Files.

After signing the app properly, I really couldn’t find any more documentation on how to upload it etc. I’ve never done this before either so I don’t know how to reduce the file size or how to use APK Expansion Files like Google is telling me to. I’ve spent the last few hours reading Android documentations, as well as Fuse, but nothing is really helping me out with this.

Any help on how to do that would be greatly appreciated!


Can you tell what is making your APK so big? If you have large media files, you should make them smaller. The expansion files mentioned are supposed to be used when you need to bundle large media, and that’s explained in Android documentation: [APK Expansion Files] (