Global Varialbes across Js files


I am new to android development but i started a small app. I have a Js file for the mainView.ux but i noticed that some info dont appear on the app unless i resave the mainView.js file while the preview is running. The Js file has info for both mainView.ux function and from another class named movie. I had the same issue before and found out that i need to move the necessary “calculation” to another Js file and inside my movie class. My question is, how can i create some global variables that i will be able to use across all my Js files ?

You need to move it to to a module that you require both places. The case where you refresh preview and it share the state is a bug that is fixed in a upcoming release.

I already have it in a place that i have the variables…but i was dealing with the problem with refresh so i though that it was a code problem. So i guess i will wait for the next update to see if it solves my problem. Thanks for the answer!