Getting Push Notifications to work in Android 8 with super little change

If you target API level less than 26, notifications will work as usual on Android 8 devices:

You could do it like this in your unoproj:

"SDK": {
      "BuildToolsVersion": "27.0.3",
      "CompileVersion": 25,
      "MinVersion": 19,
      "TargetVersion": 25

Nice work. I’d recommend moving to Firebase.Notifications though as the old GCM way of doing things is deprecated (by google)

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Dao! Thanks man, I see that its gonna get scrapped in 11 April 2019:

Hey @Baggers, does Firebase.Notifications only work with the latest Uno which is latest gradle, etc?

I’m not able to get it to work, I get this upon app launch and app crashes on launch: FirebaseInitProvider: FirebaseApp initialization unsuccessful

Ah, maybe my fork has some fixes. I need to get them merged in soon. Also I have the following in by unoproj

  "Android": {
    "SDK": {
      "BuildToolsVersion": "26.0.2",
      "CompileVersion": "26",
      "TargetVersion": "26"

I’m hoping to get some new firebase notification features in this weekend so maybe that will resolve it.

Ok, will have to release the app with the “old stuff” in the meantime then, in terms of APNS, are we suppose to use the one with Fuse 1.9 or the APNS repo mentioned; I’m not sure which is the most up-to-date? I’ve got an update or two for the iOS side of things.

Which versions of Android is the firebase module compatible with by the way?