getting a 'fusetools fuse.reactive.ArrayMirror' on a json fetch

hi im getting a ‘fusetools fuse.reactive.ArrayMirror’ on a json fetch when displaying the times:

		  "status": "ok",
		  "listings": [
		      "title": "Kingsman - The Golden Circle",
		      "times": [

		<Each Items="{dataMovies.listings}">
		    <Text Value="{title}" TextWrapping="NoWrap" FontSize="20" /> //<---- works fine
		    <Text Value="{times}" TextWrapping="Wrap" FontSize="13" />    //<---- displays 'fusetools fuse.reactive.ArrayMirror'

The times property there is an array of strings. You should either use another Each in UX, or convert the array to a string in JS.