How do I access a single item from a Fuse ReactiveArray

Heres the JSON data im working with.

Here’s the area where I wanna call the json code

<ScrollView SnapMinTransform="false">
        <PullRefresh Dock="Top" />
        <StackPanel Alignment="Top">
            <Each Items="{data.items}">
                <!-- Works as expected -->
                <Rectangle Height="180">
                    <ImageFill Url="{thumbnail}" ContentAlignment="TopCenter" StretchMode="UniformToFill" />

                <!-- Doesnt Work -->
                <Rectangle Height="180">
                    <ImageFill Url="{images[0].originalSizeUrl}" ContentAlignment="TopCenter" StretchMode="UniformToFill" />

As you can see from the code snippet I cant seem to access a single item off the Images array, is there anyway to do this?

There is no way to access items in an array with DataBinding. You need to transform your JSON in your JavaScript.