GeoLocation.location not working on mobile Device

Hey guys, I might need your help again.
I am not sure if this is a bug or if I just did something wrong.

I am trying to get my current location.
I exactly used the example from GeoLocation.

I also added "Fuse.GeoLocation" to my .unoproj.

On my desktop-preview, the example is working fine.
But on my mobile device, only the timeout-Location is working.
At this moment, I mostly need the immediateLocation, but on my mobile Device, the immediateLocation remains empty ( {} ).

I also tried the following code, which is working on my mobile device:

GeoLocation.getLocation(5000).then(function(location) {
      myLocation.value = JSON.stringify(location);
    }).catch(function(fail) {
        console.log("getLocation fail " + fail);

But why is the immediateLocation with GeoLocation.location not working?

(I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0)

It is not exactly that it is not working. As the docs describe, GeoLocation.location returns The last known location. There likely is no last known location in your case, because recording one requires your app to have requested access to GeoLocation services, and polled the location data at least once.

After you have used getLocation(), the immediate location should be filled, also on subsequent requests.