Generated SetStyleAnchor with wrong parameters


<Panel Anchor="100,100" AnchorUnit="Percent"  />

generates the * content

protected override void OnApply(Fuse.Controls.Panel self)
            self.SetStyleAnchor(float2(100f, 100f));
            self.AnchorUnit = Fuse.Elements.SizeUnit.Percent;

which brings up the error

Call to 'Fuse.Elements.Element.SetStyleAnchor(float2,Fuse.Elements.SizeUnit)' has some invalid arguments (float2)

and I guess the problem is that SetStyleAnchor takes two parameters, but only gets one.

Generating the following should do the trick:

self.Anchor = float2(100f, 100f);
self.AnchorUnit = Fuse.Elements.SizeUnit.Percent;

Hi! Thanks for reporting this. We’ll take a look!