Fuse.Views broken in 1.8.0

Fuse.Views seems to be broken in 1.8.0:

uno build -t=ios -DLIBRARY -DCOCOAPODS

Uno 1.8.0 (build 6680) macOS 10.13 x86_64 6c6e84c
Copyright © 2015-2018 Fusetools

Installing Fuse.Views 0.9.0
5.91 s

Installing dependencies
stuff: GET https://files.fusetools.com/tooling/PzOS0jxo8U5Q-uno-base-0.8.730-iOS.zip
stuff: GET https://files.fusetools.com/tooling/1e8qkHS7YB9y-Harfbuzz-iOS.zip
stuff: GET https://files.fusetools.com/tooling/cphnpuXYu52e-ICU-iOS.zip
stuff: GET https://files.fusetools.com/tooling/W4ITHfzp9cvy-SocketRocket.zip
25.48 s

Compiling syntax tree
/Users/maciek/Library/Application Support/Fusetools/Packages/Fuse.Views/0.9.0/iOSApp.uno(20): E3105: Fuse.Platform does not contain type or namespace 'SystemUI'. Could you be missing a package reference?
0.76 s

Build completed in 32.18 seconds
    1 error

Hah, looks like 1.8.1 got released the second I posted that thread!

Yes! Go to the download page for 1.8.1. Hope this solves your problem.