Fuse.StreamingPlayer Crash when navigating on iOS

With Fuse.StreamingPlayer, the example/basic crashes when navigating between screens.

I am getting the same crash on an app that is due for release. I can’t navigate away from a playlist and return to it.

The error starts with:

Error: Uno.Exception: Unexpected Uno.Exception ---> Uno.Exception: Dictionary already contains the given key
   at Uno.Collections.Dictionary`2.Add(TKey,TValue)

Has anyone else encountered this?

Could you please check if it’s the same on Fuse 1.7.1 release?

Hi Uldis, I’ve upgraded with ‘uno clean’ on the project, I’m still getting the same result.

This crash was due to ID’s being manually set to the same value - ID’s can be set automatically by StreamingPlayer that will not conflict, but this seemed to break the SwitchTrack function, we ended up manually setting the ID’s to a random int to get everything to work together.