Fuse.Launcher confusion

I am adding a launcher for email but this page says–
“You need to add a reference to “Fuse.Launcher” in your project file to use this feature.”
Where do I add that reference? I’m assuming in the .unoproj file but how? I added Fuse.Launcher under packages but it did not work.
Any help would be great thanks!


And this obvsiouly gets added to the page where I actually launch the email

var email = require('FuseJS/Email');
email.compose("to@example.com", "cc@example.com", "bcc@example.com", "subject", "message");

It appears that you have indeed placed the reference in the right place - it needs to sit in your .unoproj file, under “Packages”.

One thing you’re missing though is that you need to run uno clean in your project root folder and rebuild preview / app. Adding packages to the project requires this unfortunately.

Also, note that this will only work on mobile targets (and not local preview), so please include details on what you’re testing this on.

Thank you that makes sense!

When I run uno clean in the terminal (after I cd to the correct directory) I get the error:
ERROR: After parsing a value an unexpected character was encountered: ". Path ‘Packages[1]’, line 6 position 4. (pass - tracefor stack trace)

But before I posted I checked and I forgot to place a comma after the “FuseJS” package haha but I’ll post anyways because there doesn’t seem to be a post about this