Functions not getting imported when loading JS modules

It seems that the function in the sample below is not exported in the same was as the string literal. I have tried in different ways to export a module with functions and namespaces, but it seems that functions generally are not exported.

Download project files:

My App

` ```ux

<JavaScript File="fuse-resource/fuse-resource.js" ux:Global="fuseResource" />

  var resource = require('fuseResource');
  debug_log('Module: '+ JSON.stringify(resource));
  var demo = resource.demo;
  debug_log('DEMO 1: '+ demo);
  var demoFn = resource.demoFn;
  debug_log('DEMO 2: '+ demoFn());

``` `


` ```uno
module.exports = {
demo: ‘Hello Demo’,
demoFn: function() {

``` `


` ```uno
LOG: Module: {“demo”:“Hello Demo”}
LOG: DEMO 1: Hello Demo
LOG: Demo
LOG: DEMO 2: undefined

``` `

I think Im making a silly mistake, it seems the function is getting called, but the return value is undefined (which is correct). I will check it myself and post an update.

OK, it was my mistake, it is working…

It seems to even work with the exports.[memberName] syntax, and not only with the module.exports, which is great because the former is the default for the TypeScript compiler that Im using.

Good stuff, excited that it seems to be working !